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4X writers' productivity

“…before it probably would’ve taken her like maybe 20 hours and it took her, we cut that down to like four or five. So that’s pretty cool. And what did she say about that? Oh, she’s pretty stoked…” 

Laura, ProductLed

The results are rewarding

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in organic sessions and impressions. I track it weekly, and every week it’s going up… very rewarding.”

Lizzie, Tenzo

Get all my content for 2024 done...

“I have a crazy goal that you guys are helping me set, and if I hit this goal, it’s gonna be bananas. I am gonna try to get all my content for 2024 done by December 31st… That’s brilliant….”

Dan, Vouris

The flexibility I was looking for

“These are the flexibility I was looking for. I can use it like this, which is about highly topical things that are happening in the industry that I can write an article about that’s relevant to our business… This is fantastic.”

Fara, Design by Structure

Transformed my blog in one month

“In marketing, people often nod their heads when you talk about things like content strategy, but it’s different when you actually see it. With BetterContext, in just one month, I transformed my blog and created a comprehensive content strategy… “

Dan, Vouris

Extremely helpful for large corporates

“If you think about working in large corporates and you’ve got large sales teams and they’re having constant communications with the market, trying to get all that information out, just having a team meeting is real painful. But if you just quickly send a whole bunch of generated hypothesis statements and say, spend five seconds saying yes or no to these 10 questions, you’ve completely streamlined that…”


It's really interesting and super helpful

“It’s really interesting. Excellent prompts helped me focus on what’s important… This article had to be short, like a glossary, and the prompts helped me cut out unnecessary content… It was really helpful.”

Fara, Design by Structure

Our sales team loves it

“I’d love to have the leaderboard. Our sales team is competitive, and it helps when someone has more points than others. It’s fun.”

Lizzie, Tenzo


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