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Tenzo Chose BetterContext Over A Leading AI Content Technology For Persona-Driven Demand Intelligence

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Founded in 2016, Tenzo is the leading Restaurant PerformanceOps platform, which allows restaurant operators to supercharge their restaurant’s performance, remove the guesswork and never be understaffed or overstaffed again, and say goodbye to food wastage.

The BetterContext team always asks questions a layer deeper to understand the problem we are after and then offers AI solutions. The persona validation capability we have unlocked with BetterContext enables us to confirm customer paint points and generate highly specific content to get buyer interested in our solution.

Lizzie Norton
Senior Marketing Manager, Tenzo

With BetterContext, Tenzo had a central place to validate assumptions about customers, 2x content production, and our Sales team loves it.

Challenges Faced

Buyer insights are limited and not being captured causing guesswork and inaccuracies in content creation

Sales and marketing knowledge is siloed causing content production and demand generation ineffective

Marketing team is under pressure to create more for less budget

Solutions Provided

BetterContext is a data warehouse of B2B buyer insights: provides rich data about buyer pain points and value drivers

Enable sales team to validate buyer paint points and purchase triggers, enable marketing team to create highly specific content to get buyers interested in solutions

Everyone within Tenzo can use insight to engage prospects, achieve higher conversion rates from MQL to SQL, close more deals and do it faster and at a lower cost

Benefits For Tenzo

Sales team validates persona's paint points and purchase triggers on a weekly basis

Marketers have all buyer's questions organized into 4 content plans: attract, engage, convert, support

Writers have a persona data warehouse to create highly specific content to get them interested in Tenzo

The CMO gets a single pane view across all buyer personas and demand generation efforts

This has been the best , the fastest and smoothest onboarding I have had with a technology partner in a long time.

Lizzie Norton
Senior Marketing Manager, Tenzo
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