ProductLed Reduced Its Technology Stack By Choosing BetterContext’s AI Buyer Persona Platform

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Founded in 2016, ProductLed empowers businesses with free certification, live training, and a vibrant community to master Product-Led Growth, inspired by success stories like Slack, Zoom, and Canva.

The BetterContext team consistently asks questions a layer deeper to understand the problem we are after and then offers AI solutions. The persona validation capability we have unlocked with BetterContext enables us to confirm customer pain points and generate highly specific content to get buyers interested in our solution.

Wes Bush
Founder, ProductLed

With BetterContext, ProductLed had a central place to validate assumptions about customers, 2x content production, and our Sales team loves it.

Challenges Faced

Company is paying for a huge technology stack to fully capture and update buyer persona's problems and demands.

Sales and marketing knowledge is siloed causing content production and demand generation ineffective

Sales team lacks specific content that addresses and solves potential buyers concerns to close deals.

Solutions Provided

An all-in-one data-driven platform, powered by AI, from capturing and analyzing buyers' challenges to exploring relevant topics and creating qualified content.

Enable sales team to validate buyer paint points and purchase triggers, enable marketing team to create highly specific content to get buyers interested in solutions

Benefits For ProductLed

Sales team captures and is fully prepared with potential buyers' concerns and objections to close deals better.

Marketers address right topics for audiences at every stage of their journey.

Writers have a huge library of details about target audiences and company products to create accurate and helpful content.

Directors and Managers have an overview across all buyer personas and demand generation efforts.

This has been the most exceptional, the swiftest, and the most seamless onboarding I have had with a technology partner in a long time.

Wes Bush
Founder, ProductLed
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