Driving VET Resources Revenue and Market Share Utilising AI Data-Driven Approach


Headquartered in Deer Park, Victoria, VET Resources helps simplify compliance, improve student satisfaction by 15%, and provide 10,000+ learning assets for RTOs across industries, benefiting 250+ clients.

The BetterContext team really understands our problems and provides AI solutions that fit. Their help with content and competition has helped us plan better, be more predictable, and make smarter decisions.

Ben Thakkar
Founder and CEO, VET Resources

With BetterContext, VET Resources gained a larger market share, created more high-quality blog posts, stayed competitive, and improved its online presence.

Challenges Faced

Struggling with a modest 5% market share which is significantly lower than competitors.

Difficulty in producing high-quality blog content at a large scale.

Struggling with optimizing website content for SEO and maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

Solutions Provided

Implementing data-driven SEO strategies to increase VET Resources' market share by 5%.

Creating a comprehensive content plan by content inventory auditing and competitor study.

Optimizing VET Resources' content with BetterContext, an all-in-one demand generation platform providing insights on recommended keywords, optimal word counts, and SERP analysis.

Benefits For VET Resources

Market share increased from 5% to 16%

Produced a large amount of high-quality blog content, allowing them to dominate their competitors.

Better SEO rankings and increased online visibility with improved content quality.

A competitive edge in the industry by consistently outperforming competitors in content creation and SEO strategies.

BetterContext's AI solutions improved our content and competitiveness. They've been a game-changer.

Ben Thakkar
Founder and CEO, VET Resources
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