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Headquartered in London, Design by Structure crafts compelling brands for next-gen tech firms. Fusing industry expertise, strategic insight, and potent creativity, they redefine market positions.

These are the flexibility I was looking for. I can use it like this, which is about highly topical things that are happening in the industry that I can write an article about that’s relevant to our business… This is fantastic.

Fara Darvill
Growth Director, Design by Structure

With BetterContext, Design by Structure overcomes the challenges of integrating buyer details for efficient content creation. This means faster, more engaging, and more successful marketing efforts.

Challenges Faced

Grapple with incomplete buyer insights makes accurately crafting content a challenge within the structured approach.

Finding the right balance between being brief and providing enough depth can be a struggle.

Keep the content up-to-date with industry trends, adjusting the structured approach to address current happenings for continued relevance.

Solutions Provided

BetterContext improves content accuracy by seamlessly integrating comprehensive buyer insights.

BetterContext uses AI-driven insights to identify the most important topics in the industry that pique buyers’ attention.

BetterContext's smart outline builder and content writing assistant help remove unnecessary content to secure the highest quality.

Benefits For Design by Structure

Streamlined content creation for quicker and more effective results.

Structured content ensures increased relevance to industry trends, leading to higher engagement.

Enabled precise and impactful communication, aligning content with industry insights for a more focused message.

Interesting! Great prompts focused on essentials for a short, glossary-style article, helping cut unnecessary content—very helpful.

Fara Darvill
Growth Director, Design by Structure
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